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Leif Hansen, AKA 'SparkGuy'

About Leif

Why I do what I do

My hunch is that you’re like me in thinking that life is just too precious and amazing to waste time on things that, when we’re honest with ourselves, we’re not enjoying or getting value from.  Over the years I’ve noticed that many of the most enjoyable & valuable experiences in my life have been when I’ve been a part of an engaged group of people all learning & contributing their collaborative creativity towards something meaningful.

That’s why as ‘Chief Engagement Officer’ of Spark Interaction, I’ve focused our offerings to help multiply those kinds of experiences.  It’s a perfect fit as it also aligns with my personal life mission of “helping people feel safe, inspired & empowered enough to discover and creatively express their core passions while remaining curious, respectful & supportive of the passionate pursuits of others.”


Who I've worked with

Over the past two decades I’ve worked with a variety of diverse groups in a number of unique settings: as a retreat director facilitating team-building experiences for corporate teams and non-profits using cooperative challenge courses; as a facilitator leading internationally recognized workshops on technology stewardship & balance; as a community catalyst igniting dialogue on a number of urgent topics in the neighborhoods I’ve lived in; as a spiritual leader working with youth or facilitating interfaith dialogue; and as the ‘Chief Engagement Officer” of Spark Interaction giving presentations & workshops related to learning & experiencing the principles of group engagement & interactivity or exploring the power of social technologies.

I’ve been honored to speak about hybrid (online/real-time) engagement at various events & associations, including Seattle’s Bizjam, the Puget Sound Coaching Association, Seattle Marketing groups, various chambers of commerce and many more. I love to teach and catalyze group interactivity, so let me know if you have a group you’d like me to present to.



I’ve used my BA in Communications and Masters in Theology to look at the fundamental questions of human engagement and specifically at how technology can enhance or hinder productivity, community & creativity. I’ve sought out many group learning experiences (often related to the art of improvisation) and certifications such as NASAGA’s Game Design certifcation, Leahy’s Elements of Choice, Jim Rough’s Dynamic Facilitation & three years of involvement with the Applied Improvisation Network –including starting their social site and building it to an online comunity of over 1300 international members.



A sample of my personal projects & volunteer efforts can help you get a glimpse of my interests in groups. I created & hosted a “Worlds within Orcas” forum for locals to respectfully share & learn from each other’s worldviews; I helped start and lead the Puget Sound Interfatih Youth camp; I’ve created a “Quest Camp” for youth to help them face their fears & achieve personal goals by embarking on weekly quests; I hosted the Biznik Live show and interviewed internationally acclaimed business authors like Seth Godin, Guy Kawasaki, Roberty Kiyosaki, Timothy Ferris, Daniel Pink & Van Jones; I was invited to be a guest storyteller for Bellingham’s Tellebration; and perhaps most importantly, I’ve been married for 15 years to my soul-partner Anna and have an amazing little girl named Zinnia who keeps me playfully on my toes every day.

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At 6:55pm on May 6, 2010, Laura Daley said…
Impressive!! You haven't forgotten the honk noise after all this time!
At 12:51pm on April 2, 2010, Tia D Peterson said…
Thank you, Leif! Glad to be "back." :-)
At 10:54am on March 22, 2010, Dave DeVries said…
Hi Leif - I'm hoping to be there on Wednesday at REI. Working on clearing my schedule to make it happen. - Dave

Profile Information

If you were stranded on a desert island with only one specific album, movie or book, what might it be?
Currently, it would be a book of poems by Hafiz
My Interests in this site are...
Spark Events, Continued Learning/Discussion/Resources, Connecting with Others, Learning & discussing how to fully engage people online, Learning & discussing how to fully engage live groups, Meeting people with similar interests, Learning about new social media, Discussing social media topics
Any other interests you'd like to share?
Improv, Ultimate Frisbee, Playing, Interviewing people to find their core passions, exploring spiritual issues,
Primary Business/Organization/Team/Project Name
Spark Interaction & Spark Transformation
Your Primary Website
Let me tell you about myself...
Hi, I'm Leif Hansen, managing director of Spark Social Media.

I love finding, testing and setting people up with the the latest social media tools and services --thats why I've started this business and social site! And I'm excited to learn more from you, so thanks for joining the party.

More about me? Well, I've been married to a wonderful woman named Anna since 1994. While we waited a while to have a child (2003), we are quite happy and amazed by the energy and imagination of our daughter Zinnia. It's from these two ladies (as well as my other friends and relationships) that I have learned the most in life. To me, the lessons in love I've learned from staying in relationships are ultimately the 'skills' that matter most -whether we're talking business or personal life.

Spearking of business and 'real life', I also manage another business that I like to think of as the face-to-face version of this one --Spark Northwest is about personal and organizational development using fun and powerful processes. Social Media for the tech world. Playformation for the f2f stuff.

What else about me? Here's a recent list of 24 things I LOVE to do.

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The "I Like" Game

The "I Like" Game.

One of the simplest, and yet most favored, of the games I play with groups I call "I Like". While I normally break people into pairs (because it's powerful to be heard when sharing or to be inspired when listening), you can easily do this on your own. If you take on this quest, I promise that you'll quickly find yourself more inspired, happier, more grounded in reality and more empowered/supported.


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