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Feedback from a recent coaching client

I recently received some great feedback from a previous coaching client and figured it may help those of you who are unfamiliar with coaching, how it works or what you might get out of it.…

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The "I Like" Game

The "I Like" Game.

One of the simplest, and yet most favored, of the games I play with groups I call "I Like". While I normally break people into pairs (because it's powerful to be heard when sharing or to be inspired when listening), you can easily do this on your own. If you take on this quest, I promise that you'll quickly find yourself more inspired, happier, more grounded in reality and more empowered/supported.


Your quest for…


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Why Improv Is Scarier Than Death

When I took a speech class in college, I learned a new word that I loved to say: extemporaneous.

I loved to say it, and what it meant scared me to death.

To be extemporaneous means to ad lib - to speak (and presumably, to speak intelligently) without a chance to prepare, at the drop of a hat. Another Merriam-Webster definition says "happening suddenly and often unexpectedly and usually without clearly known causes or…



Broken Souls (Book/screenplay)

Broken Souls is a screenplay that was adapted from the book of my true life story entitled, " The Torment’s of the Modest, Secluded Farm Life".

I attended private school and was constantly under pressure from my strict parents who believed that being "sheltered" from the world was the only way to live a pure and healthy life. I was repressed in everything that I did as I grew up in that environment. I was never exposed to any of the realities that most children of today can see by just… Continue

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Dear Debater,

Could you be so kind as to enter this question for debate?



When debating this question let us remember that the abilities and skills to survive and excel in this test of life are forever ingrained in us by our parents and educators. What is instilled in a child, be it right or wrong, becomes… Continue

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Dear Producers

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Leading One's Self

Leading a team is not an easy job. Being a leader requires me to be a good example to my subordinates. That has always been my role ever since I was still a student.

I've always been part of the student organizations, that perhaps why I have always had this leadership mentality in me. When I earned my degree and landed on my first job, again, my leadership skill was tested.

I was then assigned to lead a group of… Continue

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My first keynote presentation on Social Media

Recently I was invited to share my 'observations' about the use of Social Media in Education and Change. I was invited by the Metro Waste Management Group to speak (and facilitate) at Day 2 of their recent Melbourne network conference.

Now, I'm certainly no expert in Social Media ... I consider myself to be an 'experimenter' and someone who gives new things a try. When I fail ... I try to fail 'informatively'. For me, that's the key to Social Media and it highlights the need to 'let… Continue

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Crafts for Children


My name is Doris Anne Beaulieu and I’d like to this time to talk to mail order companies and parents.

To parents I have a wonderful craft book for your child to give his or her teacher at the end of the school year. My Easy and Inexpensive Holiday Classroom Crafts for Teachers book is truly a gift that will forever keep giving from year to year, holiday after holiday. It’s a craft book for developing creative minds. This book will tell you what items you will need for each… Continue

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Great to be aboard the Spark Train!

Hi all. Looking forward to sharing, learning and having fun on Spark.



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The power of Improv

Last night I had the great pleasure of witnessing Leif Hansen and two of his Improv friends in action at our Puget Sound Coaches Association meeting. In a word WOW. I know profound huh? And truly that is the word that I woke up with the morning after witnessing something so extraordinary with Leif and his troupe and how they engaged and audience through Improv.

In just about 75 minutes time Leif and his troupe had assisted in tearing down… Continue



For a business today, having a web presence is essential to expanding its exposure. But, for many businesses, a website has become nothing more than an online brochure. If traffic to your site is waning and you’re looking for a free way to increase page views and search engine placement, then you need a business blog.

A business blog is a web page usually made up of short, frequently updated posts that are arranged chronologically. The idea behind a blog is that it allows a business… Continue


Spark Social Media featured on Ning Blog

I was surprised to find out last week that Spark was featured on the Ning Blog. Thanks out to Laura, who is also a member here.

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Can Social Media Bring True Community That Benefits Business?

Well, Biznik's Seattle Bizjam starts tomorrow (July 9th-10th, 2008) and I'm getting excited. I'm also getting prepared as I'll be presenting on the topic of "Raving Fans: Building Rich Online Community for Your Business".… Continue

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Am I viral yet? How about now? Now?

Free Money!

Promoting your business with a viral video can sound like free money. Simply make a clever or funny or shocking video, then release it and let the money start rolling in, right? As ridiculous as that sounds, it seems to be the “strategy” many employ with web video.”

First, let’s define who makes a viral video. You don’t. I don’t. People who claim they do - don’t. Viewers on the internet do. That seems obvious, but it’s an important mental shift to make. It’s… Continue

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