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Feedback from a recent coaching client

I recently received some great feedback from a previous coaching client and figured it may help those of you who are unfamiliar with coaching, how it works or what you might get out of it.…

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Why Improv Is Scarier Than Death

When I took a speech class in college, I learned a new word that I loved to say: extemporaneous.

I loved to say it, and what it meant scared me to death.

To be extemporaneous means to ad lib - to speak (and presumably, to speak intelligently) without a chance to prepare, at the drop of a hat. Another Merriam-Webster definition says "happening suddenly and often unexpectedly and usually without clearly known causes or…



The power of Improv

Last night I had the great pleasure of witnessing Leif Hansen and two of his Improv friends in action at our Puget Sound Coaches Association meeting. In a word WOW. I know profound huh? And truly that is the word that I woke up with the morning after witnessing something so extraordinary with Leif and his troupe and how they engaged and audience through Improv.

In just about 75 minutes time Leif and his troupe had assisted in tearing down… Continue


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