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Can Social Media Bring True Community That Benefits Business?

Well, Biznik's Seattle Bizjam starts tomorrow (July 9th-10th, 2008) and I'm getting excited. I'm also getting prepared as I'll be presenting on the topic of "Raving Fans: Building Rich Online Community for Your Business". Here's a link to my short video introduction of BizJam and to the bizjam conference itself. Here's the blurb on my workshop:
"Believe it or not, amidst the diverse masses of the internet are multitudes of people who are as passionate about your products or services as you are. They have great ideas and they want to see your business thrive. Why not create an online community that helps them connect to you, build trust in you, find your products and services, and connect to and refer each other? The results will be growth and satisfaction for all parties. Biznik is a perfect example. Come learn from Leif how to get started…"
For those who are coming, or who are simply curious, here's more detail on what I'l be covering:
My basic outline:
  1. A short intro (2 min)
  2. Jump into some thought-provoking interactivities that demonstrate the upcoming ideas (10 mins)
  3. Presentation: (20-30)
    • What are the dimensions and qualities of community?
    • Can true community happen online? Where is it already happening?
    • How does online community benefit business?
    • Case Studies, Stats & Quotes
    • Upcoming Trends: Rich Media, Live Media, Status & Location
    • Potential Pitfalls in the Social Media Future
    • Best Practices & Strategies for Building Community around your biz.
    • A Few Sample Platforms
  4. Small group brainstorm and strategy sessions (15-20)
Another note. I'm excited to say that I'll finally be getting to carve out some time for podcasting again. My first will be a life/work update, but then I'll be doing monthly interviews with some really amazing 'applied improv' teachers, trainers and facilitators who will be presenting at this year's Applied Improv Network conference in Chicago. I think you'll really enjoy hearing from the game-changing people I'lll be interviewing.

Lastly, in additional to Bizjam this week, I'll be at the Woodsong Music Festival on Orcas Island most of next week (July 17-20), so I'll be pretty busy for a while.


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