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I recently received some great feedback from a previous coaching client and figured it may help those of you who are unfamiliar with coaching, how it works or what you might get out of it.

(Michelle Strombeck, Freelance Reporter)

What did you like most about your coaching experience? 
I found visualizing about the possibilities of life to be really helpful. My mind tends to drift towards the negative and what I "can't" do, instead of all the wonderful things that I "can" do. Now, 2 years later, I am actually doing some of the things I only dreamt about then. These opportunities were always there, but now I have the courage to seek them out.

What were your perceptions before we started? 
I honestly didn't know what life coaching was all about. I didn't know if was a form of counseling, or just having a cheerleader in your life to help you define goals and encourage your along the way.

How has that perception changed?
I've found life coaching to be extremely helpful, not only personally, but professionally. Some days it was counseling to move beyond the past and other days it was setting goals and moving towards them.

What were the three biggest results or benefits you received from this offer
I tried something that I had never done before, and finished what I started. During my sessions with Leif, he encouraged me to take an improv class. I had no clue about improv, and always thought the actors scripted their answers beforehand. I was really a newbie to improv. It was a challenge for me to go to class each week, and I found it difficult to just go with the flow and enjoy the process.
Being in an unfamiliar environment, and actually finishing something I started was a big accomplishment for me. Doing something out of the norm for me has helped to develop confidence in other areas of my life, and I actually brag about taking an improv class now. HA!

I also found the process of goal setting extremely helpful. I am still working on some of things we talked about, but others I have accomplished and checked off my "to do" list. It's helpful to realize what you've accomplished because it gives you the strength to keep on working towards your future goals.

In the process of life coaching, working thru the spiritual side of my life was the most life changing. I was raised in a Christian home, but somewhere along the way began to confuse Christian service with my relationship with God. Leif helped me untangle some of those cords of confusion, and really listen to what God was trying to tell me. 

Would you recommend our services?

Anything else to add?
Leif is a great listener. He is also a tech whiz. Professionally, I enjoyed learning about and trying some of the newest podcasting tools.

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Comment by Leif Hansen -SparkGuy on January 12, 2011 at 7:24pm
Thanks Michelle for the great feedback! :)  And anyone wanting to learn more about coaching, just head on over here or, better yet, just give me a call for free consult :) 206-428-7626

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