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The "I Like" Game.

One of the simplest, and yet most favored, of the games I play with groups I call "I Like". While I normally break people into pairs (because it's powerful to be heard when sharing or to be inspired when listening), you can easily do this on your own. If you take on this quest, I promise that you'll quickly find yourself more inspired, happier, more grounded in reality and more empowered/supported.


Your quest for this week is to take 2 minutes each morning to play the "I like" game.  Simply begin speaking "I like..." and name something that you genuinely like. Then name the next, and the next, and the next...without stopping.  Keep saying "I like" until your time is up (you may find your language shifting to "I love"...that's fine). Hint: Don't say things you think you 'should' like, but focus on what is genuine, authentic, really inspiring you at this moment --it might be the color of a wall, an upcoming event you're excited about, something about your personality, something that happened last year, a favorite activity, the feeling of warmth from a fire...whatever is authentic to you.


I think what is so powerful about this game is that, like any gratitude practice, it gets people grounded and aware of all the goodness in their lives.  We tend to spend so much time focused on what is wrong in our lives, what is lacking, what we're worried about, etc. that this is a refreshing and empowering shift.


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