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Last night I had the great pleasure of witnessing Leif Hansen and two of his Improv friends in action at our Puget Sound Coaches Association meeting. In a word WOW. I know profound huh? And truly that is the word that I woke up with the morning after witnessing something so extraordinary with Leif and his troupe and how they engaged and audience through Improv.

In just about 75 minutes time Leif and his troupe had assisted in tearing down limiting beliefs with a room full of people around their ability to be spontaneous. What erupted was this totally addictive laughter and what was built was this strong community bond. Many who came were strangers at the start and ended up having a connection that will keep with them for the next ten years at least. I know, you are thinking hmm, only ten years? Well you had to be there to understand.

The next time you see Leif, ask him about the Rock, Paper, Scissors. I can personally attest that I will be using that with clients in the future and can't wait to use it with some teams I am currently working with. Right now, trying to figure out how to use it with a room of 300 Leaders/Managers from a large organization that I am speaking to next month. Good thing I know Leif, the brother can hook me up for sure!

Check this site in a day or so I am sure that he will post a video clip of the night last night. WOW!

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Comment by Tammy Redmon on March 11, 2009 at 8:56am
Excellent! I was thinking that a group on Biznik would be good and Hey, let's get them over to SSM for the group dialogue!
Comment by Leif Hansen -SparkGuy on March 11, 2009 at 8:48am
Thank you for taking the time to blog about last night Tammy, and for the high praise and feedback as well. And yes, thanks to your willingness and help, I will be posting a video here today or tomorrow. I'm so glad we had the flip cam going as it turns out the video was streaming, but wasn't being recorded, Durn!

Also. I'm going to create a SSM PSCA group on this site so conversations can continue and other resources can be shared.


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